Presentation skills for sales engineers

The sales engineer sells products, the sale of which requires technical skills.

Part of his duties is to prepare and deliver technical presentations explaining the products, the services and the solutions to clients and potential clients. Often this is related to addressing complex requirements, described in documentation for open calls for proposals, long technical specifications, requests for information or requests for proposal.

The sales engineer faces diverse audiences with a wide range of interests and level of technical understanding. Sometimes these are investors, interested in the business aspects of the proposal and rarely spend more than 20- 30 minutes for the presentation. In other cases, this is a group of people with different technical knowledge who seek compliance on hundreds of requirements.

Target group

Sales engineers, Key account managers, Corporate Client Managers

Heads of sales departments

Members of sales teams

Technical sales managers, system engineers


The job of the sales engineer and the challenge of the technical sales and presentations

Preparing compelling presentations of engineering solutions

Algorithm to prepare technical presentations

Structuring the presentation, setting goals, preparing contents, organising the ideas

Specifics when preparing presentations to answer a big number of requirements

Saving the presentation in powerpoint or other format

Verbal and non- verbal skills for presentation. Behaviour during the presentation

Specific situations

Final accord

Planning and logistics of technical presentations

Practical work

Duration and format

8 study hours, 1 day

Attendance seminar


Certificate for acquired skills


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In the price:

Training delivered by an experienced tutor
Workbook and exercises
Practical work on presentation planning, demonstrations and presenting
Certificate for acquired skills
Coffee breaks and catering