Reviews and recommendations

logo ‘LUKOIL NEFTOCHIM BURGAS, part of the oil company LUKOIL is the largest refinery complex in Bulgaria and south- eastern Europe. Fundamental part of company’s HR politics is to encourage continuous professional development and improvement of the employees.

In October 2010, the team of School of Business Competences Ltd. has provided two trainings of our company’s employees in the form of training seminars on ‘Corporate culture, leadership and their influence on growing organisation’s effectiveness’. The training program included lectures on the topic, role plays, solving business cases to exercise the team work skills, the communication skills and the profiling of the expert in the company with key competences.

The team of the School of Business Competences demonstrated exceptional professionalism, high quality of the learning materials and training methods.’

R. Grigorov, HR Manager.



‘The School of Business Competences Ltd. was the partner of Petrol AD to implement a combination of  attendance and web- based trainings for our sales force  in the network of gas stations. The ‘Rate me!’ initiative for measuring our customers’ satisfaction, included training of 3000 sales force employees of PETROL AD’s national network of gas stations. Multimedia learning materials and tests were developed, learning instructions were made available on the e-learning platform of SBC : This feature improved the accessibility of the trainings and increased the comfort to participate on-line in a suitable time and place for each of the participants.’ Sv. Yordanov, Executive Director, Petrol AD.



‘Medbio Commerce operates in  the manufacturing and merchandising of goods for healthy life. The success of the company is highly dependent on the effective marketing and the organisation of the sales activities. We used the services of the School of Business Competences to develop a marketing concept for a new range of products.

Within the project, a new product category was constructed, brands were designed, product sites were developed, marketing strategy was implemented and etc. Team training was conducted on important marketing concepts and business practices. I can bravely recommend the School as a consultant, trainer and coach in the area of marketing and business organisation.’

Ivan Lesev, General Manager.


Kenar logo KENAR is the most famous Bulgarian company producing and selling culinary products. In the context of expanding our business activities, we completed a project to open culinary stands in the supermarket chain Kaufland. This required the implementation of a new business model, workforce re-organisation and trainings in order to match to the high managerial standards of KENAR and the best practices in the food industry of Kaufland.

The training of the employees in our first stores in Sofia, Ruse and Haskovo was conducted by the School of Business Competences. The School provided trainers, instructors and coaches with excellent theoretical and practical experience in organising the business.

The training program was agreed between KENAR and the School and was adapted and adjusted to the specific business processes at KENAR. The curriculum included role plays, exercising scenarios to deal with different types of customers, solving conflict situations and etc. Part of the trainings were videotaped and analysed later by the participants. Multimedia materials for future trainings of new employees or refresh trainings were developed.

Part of the leaders of KENAR stores were trained as trainers. I can recommend the School of Business Competences as a highly professional, responsible, competent and accurate organisation.’

Zare Shahbasyan, President of KENAR.